The Ministry of Preschool Education carries out its activities in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated September 30, 2017 No. UP-5198 “On measures to radically improve the management of the preschool education system.”

The main tasks and activities of the Ministry preschool education are:

  • the first, the development and practical implementation of a unified state policy in the field of preschool education;
  • the second, the creation of conditions for the comprehensive intellectual, moral, aesthetic and physical development of children preschool age, taking into account the best foreign experience;
  • third, stage-by-stage provision of full coverage of children with preschool education through the creation in the republic of a network of competing state and non-state preschool educational institutions, providing them with tax benefits and preferences, allocating budget subsidies , as well as the introduction into practice of alternative forms of preschool education and upbringing of children;
  • fourth, the introduction of modern innovative pedagogical technologies, effective forms and methods of teaching and upbringing, including in the private sector, into the educational process;
  • fifth, the provision of preschool educational institutions with educational, methodological, didactic materials, educational games and toys, fiction, reflecting national cultural and historical values ​​and instilling an interest in reading books from childhood;
  • sixth, retraining and advanced training of leaders and pedagogical staff of the preschool education system on the basis of modern pedagogical technologies and methods capable of solving the issues of upbringing and all-round development of children at a high professional level;
  • seventh, the creation of a system of material incentives for employees of preschool institutions and involvement in the educational process experienced, qualified and professionally motivated teachers and educators;
  • eighth, the creation of conditions aimed at providing pupils of preschool educational institutions with decent conditions for keeping children, including full, rational, balanced, healthy nutrition, outdoor games and exercises, in volume and intensity determined by reasonable medical prescriptions, with elements of entertainment and educational activities;
  • ninth, coordination with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan in preschool educational institutions of medical care for children and taking preventive measures to protect their life and health.