Preschool education in Darakchi.

A new pre-school education program will be launched in Uzbekistan

The Ministry of Preschool Education, in cooperation with the Korean company Edulink, has launched the S board mobile education program.

In the first stage, the project will be implemented in a pilot mode in Bektemir district of Tashkent. The program opens up unique opportunities for preschoolers, educators, parents and preschoolers.

It is designed to improve the quality of preschool education by creating and deploying it on a mobile application platform, step-by-step from digital reporting paper types, to help preschools and parents alike. Particular attention is paid to the training of teachers of preschool education in the framework of the software “S board” of educational video clips for teaching the basics of mathematics, Uzbek and other foreign languages.

It is noteworthy that all stages of mobile application development are carried out in accordance with the state program “First Step” and the State Standard for Preschool Education and Training, as well as state requirements for the development of primary and preschool children.

The S board app is available for free download on Google Play, the App Store, and Apple’s online stores. The launch of the mobile application “S board” will be an important event for parents, the entire pedagogical staff of preschool education institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan and will serve to strengthen the educational potential of independent Uzbekistan.