Press tour organized by the Ministry of Preschool Education: introduction of dual education in new preschool organizations and systems

On November 6, 2020, as part of a press tour organized by the Ministry of Preschool Education, 4 MTTs in Tashkent region and pedagogical colleges in Orta Chirchik district were visited.

There are 789 pre-school educational institutions in Tashkent region, including 481 public, 26 departmental, 112 private, 18 PPP-based and 152 family pre-school educational institutions. As of the 3rd quarter of 2020, the coverage of children in preschool education in Tashkent region was 49.5% (27.2% in 2017). By the end of this year, MTV plans to increase this figure to 57.4%. Over the past three years, the number of preschool organizations in Tashkent region has increased 1.8 times.

Golden Fish Preschool No. 12, Tashkent Region

The Golden Fish No. 12 in Keles was launched in MTT 2020. The new MTT is housed in the former district court building. The facility was taken over by the Ministry of Preschool Education and reconstructed under the auspices of Anglesey Food LLC ( It has a capacity of 480 jobs and the number of jobs created is 25. In addition to full-time groups, MTT No. 12 has free short-term groups to prepare 6-year-olds for school.
The partnership between MDO and Anglesey Food YAT LLC is a public-private partnership in the form of charity.

Aqlvoy mobile MTT, Yangiyul district

In Yangiyul district there is a mobile MTT by Isuzu bus. During the day, the bus travels to the destinations and covers children from 3 to 7 years old. Teachers work with students on a program designed for different age groups, each point of the bus route is equipped with barriers, benches, swings, playgrounds and playgrounds.
Aqlvoy mobile MTT operates in remote rural areas where there are no regular preschools.

Aqlvoy mobile MTT operates in remote rural areas where there are no regular preschools.

MTT No. 24, Lower Chirchik district
Quyichirchik district was built with the support of the State Customs Committee of Uzbekistan in the framework of interdepartmental cooperation MTT No. 24. MTT has a capacity of 160 jobs and the number of jobs created is 30.

“Erudit kids planet”, Nurafshan city

Erudit kids planet is a 100-seat family preschool. There are 15 teachers and administrators in MTT and clubs have been established. The MTT has all the necessary safety measures in place: masking and social distance are observed, children and staff are screened in the morning, and the temperature is measured twice a day. Cleaning in groups is carried out 4 times a day, the premises are ventilated according to the schedule.

Tashkent regional pedagogical college

Tashkent Regional Pedagogical College will be the first educational institution to introduce dual education. In parallel with their academic education, college students develop practical skills in working with children. To this end, a new public preschool was established at the college for 240 students.
The advantage of the dual education model over traditional education is the strong connection between theory and practice. Students know what they are learning and how they can apply what they have learned to their own work. As a result of this approach, the pre-school education system will have not only pedagogical knowledge, but also teachers who know how to work with children.
MTV introduces dual education in 97 pedagogical colleges across the country. Pre-school education institutions in colleges provide free one-year school preparation, as well as other educational services in the prescribed manner.