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There are still kindergarten principals who do not understand the essence of the reforms.

Mavluda Askarkhodjaeva, the head of the press service of the Ministry of Preschool Education, told a briefing at the AOKA about the results of the study of appeals sent through social networks.

According to him, on July 16 this year, specialists of the Fergana Regional Department of Preschool Education conducted a study at the 8th State Preschool Education Organization in Kokand.

The investigation revealed that a number of violations of labor and executive discipline were committed in the kindergarten, and, unfortunately, a total of 28 children were brought up in the organization without a permit, ie illegally. As a result, 28 illegally adopted children were fed at the expense of food allocated to foster children admitted to the organization in accordance with the requirements of the law.

The above facts were confirmed at the meeting of the Trade Union of the Fergana Regional Department of Preschool Education on the basis of documents collected from the 8th state preschool organization and letters of explanation from the staff. Also, in the explanatory letter submitted by the director of the organization N. Shukurova on the results of the study, it was stated that in fact the violations revealed during the study were committed, and the identified cases will be eliminated within 3 days and the department will be informed.

However, N. Shukurova did not take any measures to eliminate the identified cases during the period stated in her explanatory letter. He did not even respond to calls from the board to explain and attend a union meeting.

Based on the above, the employment contract concluded with M. Shukurova by the Trade Union of the Department of Preschool Education of Fergana region, the second part of Article 100 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan Due to the consent to cancellation in accordance with paragraph 4, the employment contract between the director of the 8th state preschool organization N.Shukurova and the department was terminated by order No. 178 of 24 August this year, and N.Shukurova was relieved of her post.

Mohigul Qosimova, UzA